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Open a stockist account

Galaxy showroom is a fee-free way to order wholesale from ethical designers. We service retailers providing one-on-one communications, tailored payment plans*, styling tips, promotional materials and insider access to best-sellers in your region.

To us, you aren't an account number, you are a valued member of a community investing in a brighter future.

When you shop with Galaxy, you can be confident knowing you are supporting ethical, sustainable and compliant independent businesses.

Moreover, we ensure your investment is profitable: Our showroom only stocks designers vetted for elevated quality, construction and fit.

Our return client rate is nearly 100%

We service boutiques seeking luxurious, consciously made wardrobe essentials that elevate their boutique and increase returns by stocking high-sell-through collections.

Are you ready to elevate your boutique and finally make a profit from your investment?

Take the next step and fill out our no-obligation stockist application.