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Myrah Peñaloza Collection

Mars Playsuit - Linen

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The Mars 'warrior of light and love' is a wide loose fit that is designed to be worn oversized, it comes with a wide belt, exaggerated front / side pockets, classic collar, cuffed short sleeves. 

An effortless and modern spin on the utility-inspired one-piece/playsuit/romper.

In Astrology, the Planet Mars focuses on how you jump into action. Mars holds the energy of the warrior archetype. Mars represents the principle of energetic force . However, mars isn't all headstrong and impulsive—he has a strategic mind and emotional intelligence that can crucially decode Venus.

In mythology, Venus chose Mars to be her lover because he understood her and knew what she wanted, among other things. 

Wearing this piece is perfect for fall in cooler climates and in warmer climates in the evening. 

Linen is one of the most biodegradable and stylish fabrics in fashion history. It is strong, naturally moth resistant, and made from flax plant fibres. 

Linen is one of the strongest plant fibres, two to three times stronger than cotton. This means that products made from linen are very durable. It’s simple – if you make a garment that lasts longer, you will need to replace it less often, which reduces consumption. 

Color: White, Moonlight Creme, Flax, Clay

Care: Hand wash or Machine Cold, Hang Dry. 

Fabric: 100% Linen

Colors: Moonlight Creme, White

Care: Hand wash cold with like colors, hang dry. To soften the linen you can put it in a dryer, we pre wash the garment to pre-soften the piece with natural oils.