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Myrah Penaloza

Chajin Pant (100% Linen)

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Introducing the Chajin Pant - a stunning linen pant that adds a chic and elegant touch to any outfit. Available in sizes small to xl, this pant offers a natural feel and is perfect for expanding the versatility of your wardrobe. With its durable linen material, it can be worn over 30 times, giving you a professional and creative look that says "I have my life in order and I am ready for this day". Elevate your everyday style with the Chajin Pant. It's chic, versatile, and ready for anything - just like you.

Plus, with its durable linen material, you'll get to rock this look more than 30 times (because let's be real, who washes their pants after every wear?). Add a touch of elegance and confidence to your wardrobe with this stunning pant.

Available as a set in our Set Collection with the Playa top as seen with the photos here.

Fabric: 100% Linen

Colors: Moonlight

Sizes: SM - ML -  XL (Made to order)