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Myrah Peñaloza Collection

Japa Playsuit (100% Cotton, White)

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Japa Playsuit is a onesie made with a totally non sheer double layered cotton. 

Since this fabric is thicker, this piece isn't ideal for the hotter +30 type climates, we have a lighter version of this in our linens edition which you can find in our Playsuits Collection. 

Add a sweater, jacket on top for layering, go matchy matchy with our matching Golden Chain Jacket which is also in the same color and fabric, available as a set in our set collection.

About the piece:  Adjustable tie straps along the shoulders. Unbutton the bottom buttons to wear this piece as a dress. This playsuit onesie has 4 buttons along each side + 12 buttons along the leg area (16 buttons in total).

16 representing the grace and caliber of the women, which is said to be 16x greater than that of a man's.  When you wear this gown we want you to invest your time and energy in a mantra that will carry you forward on repeat as a reminder of what you want to bring forward into your reality.

About the name: Japa was inspired from the Yoga "Japa" Practise of Repetition usually with a mantra. 

Size: OS (one size), Model is 5'6. 

Fabric: 100% Cotton.

Client Review by Lacy Philipps from the To Be Magnetic Podcast.  

"Right now, one of my favourite pieces I am wearing is this incredible Japa Jumper by Myrah Penaloza.  I have always been oogling, at her clothing because its all white!  She made this Japa Jumper that is everything! It's long, it has the tie straps, its slouchy crotch, it looks amazing, I’ve been wearing cashmere sweaters and its the coziest thing on the planet!!"
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