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Myrah Penaloza

Jasmine Sheer Kimono

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Jasmine Sheer Kimono was inspired to be the ideal piece for sitting in a tea ceremony or meditation. Light, loose-fitting zen-like feel like the Jasmine tea leaf. The top is a kimono-inspired robe. with pockets and a Jasmine flower-inspired shape of the legs. Night floral bloom to feel full of ease and grace. Indulge in the ultimate sophistication with the Jasmine Sheer Kimono.

*Jackeet Styled with matching Sheer Dress in photos (not included*

Capturing the pure essence of a tea ceremony or meditation with its light, loose-fitting design, this piece radiates a zen-like aura, reminiscent of the delicate Jasmine tea leaf.

With its kimono-inspired robe silhouette, complete with pockets and a shape inspired by the elegant Jasmine flower, this piece is perfect for the tranquil moments of the night. Get lost in the graceful floral bloom and experience a sense of ease and tranquility like no other.


Size: OS,  waistband tie, and kimono top tie for adjustment.

Fabric: Chiffon silk

Care: Dry Clean Only

Jasmine Kimono:

A Length 80
B Bust 66
C Sleeve Length 50
D Bottom Opening 66
E Belt Length 1,2