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Myrah Peñaloza Collection

Kundalini Gown Short Luxe

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This is a new take at our Short Edition of the Kundalini Gown made with our new Linen/Cotton Luxe. 

This Short edition is shorter and lighter and perfect for the night out, pre or post yoga, at home meditation and for sacred ceremony. One size fits most.

This one is also perfect for those shorter than 5'5-5'7. It is also perfect for those looking for a shorter version of the Kundalini Gown for the fall, winter or summer. It goes great with white jeans or white leggings, check out the #kundalinigown hashtag on instagram for inspirations.

Sizing: OS (One size). We decided to make this one slightly longer than our classic Short Edition, so if you are around 5'7 it will fall just past your knees. It's perfect for smaller ladies as well who want a petite Kundalini Gown. 

Model is 5'6

Fabric: Linen/Cotton Luxe

These garments are handmade.


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