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Myrah Peñaloza Collection

Aquarian Gown Linen

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The perfect everyday piece adorned to the office, lunch dates, pre-yoga, post yoga, during yoga! This mid length 100% linen piece will be a staple in your personal collection. We imagine this as a part of the perfect Aquarian Business set.

Wearing White strengthens the radiant body by helping to reflect light throughout your field. It is said that just putting on white clothing boosts your aura by three feet, wearing white on a regular basis strengthens this 10th body. May this gown inspire you to move like royalty as the sovereign woman. 

Made of 100% linen. Linen has great properties and many people attest to its healing benefits. The atomic frequency of linen is 5,000 signature units making it a fine fabric for healing. 

Size: Best suited 0 - 14

Fabric: 100% Linen

Care: Hand or Machine Wash Cold, Hang Dry.