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Myrah Penaloza

Chajin Wrap Gown

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Please note this product does not include the matching pants. The pants will be available in our Set collection very soon.

Chajin front wrap gown is with Japanese inspired side buttons, certainly a Heirloom piece to be shared down your generations. Made with French stone washed linen.

All buttons are functional to make it a versatile piece for styling. Matching pants will be available very soon.

Chajin means student of the Way of Tea. 

We imagine ceremonial leaders wearing this piece in their practises. Definitely suited for the Tea Loving Chajin.

They say in Bali, what is made by hand, has soul.  Each button has to be hand crafted by our artisan tailor team. 

This is for the dreamers, the leaders, the seekers, the students and those that are mastering their creative trades. Excited to see who aligns with this piece. 

Fabric: 100% Stone Washed Linen

Color: Moonlight

Size: OS (one size)

Care: Hand or machine wash cold, hang dry.  Or tumble dry if you wish to further soften it, we don't recommend always tumble drying it as that is a hard process on the clothing long term.