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Myrah Peñaloza Collection

Sat Torri Playsuit Tropical Rainbeau (Plant Dyed, 100% Linen)

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Sleeve Style

Available in short or long sleeve options.

Each Sat Torri Tropical Rainbeau Playsuit is handmade and hand dyed with Tropical plants and herbal teas.  They say in Bali that what is made by the hand has soul and this piece certainly has soul. A show stopping color that has such a fun and playful tone, crown and sacral chakra combined.

Each piece takes us about 5-6 days to produce and is made by artisan local plant dye specialists in a jungle in Bali. They have a very earthy feel to them, naturally stone washed. Each piece is also a one of a kind as they all take on a slightly different variation of the color. 

This one piece is a retro 1980's inspired design with wide dolman sleeves feel like angel wings and a strategically designed pleated button down front allows for comfort, space and effortless style. 

Size: OS / One Size

Color:  Plant Dyed Rainbeau 

Fabric: 100% Linen