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Myrah Peñaloza Collection

Sat Torri Playsuit (Linen / Rayon Blend, Light Beige)

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Inspired by our baby boy Hero's godmother Torri.  The name Torri represents the space between the seen and the unseen.

This playsuit came to life on Torri's adventures finding her true north as she went on a journey of self discovery to india and bali. She was the youngest women ever the cross the atlantic ocean on a canoe at the age of 18, she represents courage and opening up to the inner self to heal the body. 

This one piece is a retro 1980's inspired design with wide dolman sleeves feel like angel wings and a strategically designed pleated button down front allows for comfort, space and effortless style. 

Size: Small/Medium

Color: Textured Light Beige 

Fabric: Linen/Rayon 90/10