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/ žemė /

From proto-balto-slavic language, meaning earth, soil, ground.

“from earth we come to earth we return”, we all are a beautiful compost in training.

This law together with the concept of ever changing nature, drove me to use my creativity as an offer and prayer for my surroundings. And so.. a small universe in forms of metals and stones was burn.

Zeme is here to celebrate the beauty of earth manifestations, and to discover the ways to unlock doors for inner wisdom and harmony within one self. 

I gather the ideas of jewellery and objects through observation of art, philosophy, and earth elements. I sculpt each piece at its time and then carefully move them with me to India for next process of casting and finishing with a small team of artisans.

I am driven by telling stories of ancient knowledge through the universal language of jewellery and objects.

Zeme jewelry and objects are designed to travel with you on your adventures, be you're wearable tools that embrace your strength, courage and curiosity.

Love and blessing.

Let the end be the beginning

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Zeme Studio
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